what is your favort thing a bout hiking

Sunday, June 14, 2009

we went horse back ridding at branson.
sorry it is sideways.My horse is name is General Lee these are the horse is we rode

daddy's horse was Hammerhead, mommy was Mr. Wilson, Ashley rode smokey, Tyler was on Samson, amber was on Dan and Trent was on Snot....and he does snot think that was funny! It waws so much fun, we rode on a trail in the Ozark mountain for about one hour, I loved it!

the pool

We had fun playing tag while the pool filled up.
I am getting cold!

This is Amber. She is crazy!

Last weekend we got our pool all cleaned out and refilled. Mom let us play in it as it filled up and that was a lot of fun! The deeper it got the colder it got. When I play in it for very long my lips turn blue. So far it is 80 degrees. My favorite thing to play in the pool is dart tag. We have torpedoes that we throw under water at people and try to hit them with them. It is hard to hit each other with them, but it is fun trying.
This is our garden. it is growing big isn't it? we planted peas,lettuce,peppers,basil,cucumbers,carrots,squash,strawberries,sunflowers,tomatoes.

this is the pepper.

hears my lettuce.